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About Us

Welcome to Cheap Auto Trans founded by Roman Khan with Reema S David as our esteemed CEO, your premier car transportation service provider. With a strong focus on affordability and reliability, we are dedicated to delivering top-quality transportation solutions for all your vehicle shipping needs. Whether you’re relocating, buying or selling a car, or simply need to move a vehicle from one location to another, we’ve got you covered.

At Cheap Auto Trans, we understand the importance of safe and secure transportation. That’s why we take extra care in handling your vehicles, ensuring they are transported with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

Roman Khan

Our Mission

Our ultimate goal is for cheap auto trans to become the standard by which all vehicle-shipping is measured, servicing the widest range of clients and locations worldwide.” The service will be available from an extensive network across multiple delivery platforms in North America; Canada; Europe & Middle East; Asia-Pacific & Oceania. Our mission is to deliver a 4-star+ vehicle-shipping experience by blending innovative logistics solutions with our team’s commitment to service excellence. We’re passionate about the role these highly skilled and resourceful employees play in helping us achieve this goal. The company was founded in 2007 and currently has offices in Alpharetta GA . It offers direct business pickup trucks with cargo room on its website. Each truck comes complete built-to tricks or assembled by employees through the manufacturing process designed to be reliable enough to travel long distances without needing any maintenance except perhaps cleaning after every trip.

Our Beliefs

Strive for leadership is at the heart of our company – we are not afraid to take bold moves, in order to improve processes and communication. We have an excellent work environment which includes: The highest level management skills with a culture that promotes continuous innovation; Respect for employees’ time; Accessible teams through flexible working arrangements including part-time scheduling or no hours per week when appropriate; A robust safety plan supported by trained HR specialists who can respond quickly to every incident (employees and clients should communicate their concerns via email) as well all steps taken against workplace violence, abuse, harassment etc.; Intense stress prevention measures aimed directly at improving workers health & well being across both employment agencies where they find themselves within five days after incidents occur; Focus on ensuring safe workplaces. Acting with integrity ensures that genuine sense of mutual trust, honesty and openness when interacting with a cheap auto trans team member. We take seriously our responsibility to provide professional conduct expectations for all members and clients. We remain technologically inclined, firmly convinced that cheap auto trans customers and partners deserve to leverage the power of the latest and the brightest tools. We believe in technology as a way for us-and others ‒to communicate our messages more effectively with one another. Our focus on delivering clear information is grounded strongly across both traditional media (Television, Radio) but also online using mobile technologies through apps.

Our Growth

Cheap auto trans company has grown to one of the largest auto transport companies in the country in less than ten years! The reason is simple: After reaching a growth rate of about 50% every year, it was clear that we needed to invest more and increase our investment capacity. Our current stock-pile count includes all types (road, highway & rail) vehicles which are used for transporting cars from point A city to B city to their final destination and delivered directly to customers place.

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