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Shipper Agreement
  1. Except when there are limits for residential areas, pick-up and delivery are done at your door. Extra fees could be charged if your car is undriveable or too big (limo, dual or enormous wheels, extra-large, racks, etc.). If an operator of big or dysfunctional vehicles is not informed, Any additional fees must be paid in cash or a money order made payable to the delivery provider, at the customer’s option, prior to pick-up. All vehicles must nevertheless roll, brake, and steer, whether they are in operation or not.
  2. Between the pick-up site and the destination specified on this shipping order-bill of lading, the driver and carrier are each granted permission to operate and transport their respective motor vehicles, jointly and severally.
  3. While Cheap Auto Trans promises to send a carrier to transport your car as soon as possible in line with your instructions, it is unable to ensure that it will be picked up or delivered by a particular time or date. As long as FORCE MAJEURE prevents performance under this contract, performance is excused. Acts of God or the elements, acts of a public enemy, acts of terrorism, riots, strikes, labour disputes, fires, explosions, floods, acts or orders of civil or military authorities, or other causes beyond the reasonable control of the party declaring the force majeure events, shall be considered acts of force majeure. This justification for not performing will last until the force majeure event ends. The customer’s deposit will be returned if he cancels an order.
  4. Before shipping, the shipper must remove any non-permanently placed baggage and other racks from the outside. Unless otherwise specified, vehicles must be delivered to a carrier in good working order and with no more than half a tank of fuel (preferably 1/4 tank).
  5. In accordance with FMCSA regulations, luggage and personal property weighing up to 150 LBS may be present in the vehicle at the time of travel. The carrier is not responsible for any personal things left in the car or for any harm the car may sustain due to an excessive or incorrect load of personal items. Cheap Car Trans does not guarantee to cover additional carrier costs for items left in the car, your automobile rental, or its liability for mechanical or operational component failure.
  6. If a customer cancels an order and the vehicle has not been allocated to a carrier, they will receive a full refund of their deposit. Cheap Auto Trans retains the right to charge the client and/or its agent a fee equal to their deposit for any partial services delivered in the event that the customer and/or its agent initiates a termination of services after the vehicle has been assigned to a carrier for pick up (dispatched). Any order may be rejected by Cheap Auto Trans, in which case the deposit will be fully refunded.
  7. Although though they are uncommon, trucking damage claims are the responsibility of the designated carrier, who is required by law to carry at least $750,000 in public liability. All claims must be made in writing to the designated carrier within the timeframe specified in that carrier’s bill of lading, and they must be acknowledged and signed for at the time of delivery. On request, Cheap Auto Trans will provide details of the carrier’s insurance coverage, but it is not liable for any losses. The condition of your car while it is in the designated carrier’s care is completely his responsibility.
  8. The vehicle may not be left with any electrical equipment, valuables, live animals, live plants, alcohol, narcotics, or guns.
  9. All terms and conditions of the carrier’s tariff and the uniform straight bill of lading, copies of which are available at the carrier’s office, apply to this agreement and any shipment made in accordance with its provisions.
  10. COD Guidelines (Cash On Delivery) All COD payments must be made upon delivery of your vehicle in cash or certified money. This constitutes the full agreement between the shipper and Cheap Auto Trans and replaces all earlier written or oral representations made by Cheap Auto Trans. Any changes must be made in writing and signed by a representative of Cheap Auto Trans. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Broker license number for Cheap Auto Trans is 3648529.
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