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Ship Car From Florida to California

How do I ship a car from Florida to California?

Shipping a car from Florida to California is a simple process. A lot of people just assume that it’s hard to ship a car within the country. Even though there are a lot of steps, the whole process is pretty easy.

Here’s how you, too, can do it.

Just do these easy things. It is easier than it seems

How we react to something often determines how we see it. For shipping a car from Florida to California, the same rules apply. Even though the distance is long, it’s not that big of a deal if you have a qualified shipping expert.

One Important Note

There is a right way and a wrong way to do everything in life. It might seem easier to just get in your car and drive away, but the more than 2,700 miles are hard. If you do this, you’ll put miles on your vehicle and cause wear and tear.

Does it make sense?

Even though it seems counterintuitive, driving the car yourself is the most stressful thing you can do. To save time, money, and effort, it is better to ship your car the right way. Driving the car yourself adds costs and stress that aren’t necessary.

Consider it

Gas, lodging, food, time, extra vehicle maintenance, and much more must all be taken into account. You can quickly spend more than you have. Having your car shipped for you is the cheaper option.

Companies that ship and move cars can give you prices that are competitive. We ship a lot of cars at once to save money and give you the savings. This is how we stay in business and how we stay competitive.

Because of new developments in shipping and logistics, prices have never been lower.

A tow truck hauling a sleek blue sports car through the bustling city streets.

Common Questions Clients Have

These are good questions, so let’s try to answer them.

What is the cost of shipping a vehicle?

The cost of shipping a vehicle will depend on a number of things. A few of these things are:

Size of the vehicle: The more expensive it is, the bigger it is (generally). Smaller vehicles are easier to ship, so they tend to cost less to ship.

Timeframe: The more quickly you need a vehicle shipped, the more it will cost. Shipping companies will have to work harder to meet your needs, which can throw off their normal supply chain.

Planned route: If you ask the shipping company to use easy routes, like major highways and freeways, the cost of shipping your vehicle will be low.

Extra costs:  Like insurance. It is recommended that you buy insurance to cover the cost of your car in the rare case that it gets damaged while it is being shipped. More expensive vehicles will require more expensive insurance.

Time of year: Some times of the year are better than others for shipping cars. Avoid times when there is a lot of traffic, like winter, when many retirees drive south for the winter. During this time, traffic is at its worst, which could make it take longer to ship your vehicle. The less difficult it is to ship a car, the less it will cost.

Your budget: When you can, buy the best shipping experience you can afford. If you want to keep the price low, don’t skimp on insurance or ask the shipping company to do anything special with the route. Just like when you fly, the more you pay, the more comfortable the experience.

How soon will my vehicle get to California?

On average, it will take 7–10 business days to ship a vehicle from Florida to California. This price includes both pick-up (3 days) and delivery (6 days). Remember that these are just the averages. The time it takes to ship your vehicle may be a little longer or shorter, depending on things like traffic, the season, the weather, and more.

How are you going to ship my vehicle?

Auto shipping and logistics companies use one of two ways to ship cars: open auto transport or enclosed auto transport.

You can do either, but which one you choose will depend on what you need.

As a general rule, the open auto transport method is used to ship most cars as it will cost you less, while the enclosed auto transport method is usually used to ship more valuable and rare cars.

Open Auto Transport

This is the less expensive choice. But your car will be out in the vehicle because it will be one of many being pulled by a transport on a rack.

Even though the “open air” part of the ride may make you nervous because your car will be out in the weather, you have nothing to worry about. Almost every car made in the U.S. or shipped here from another country uses the same method to get to a dealer or a buyer. This is the norm in the business of shipping cars.

Cars Transported Inside

The second way you can ship your vehicle is with an enclosed auto transport service. Instead of putting your car on a rack, it is put in a trailer, either by itself or with other cars. The trailer is pulled to your vehicle’s destination by a Big Rig, and your car is unloaded. With this method, you don’t have to worry about the rare chance of harming the environment.

This is also the most expensive option, so we only recommend it to people who own rare or unique cars.

Is there any other information I need to know about shipping my vehicle?

There are a few things you need to do before you can ship your vehicle from Florida to California.

Here's a short version

  • Your driver’s licence needs to be valid
  • Your vehicle needs to be registered and have insurance.
  • Wash, check, and write down the condition of your vehicle before shipping it.
  • Tell the shipping company if you are worried about your vehicle.
  • Clean your car out. If your vehicle isn’t clean, a shipping company may refuse to take it (due to liability purposes)
  • You might want to buy more insurance for your vehicle.
  • Make sure that you can get your vehicle back in California (you can have a proxy pick it up for you)
  • Before you decide, get quotes from different shipping companies.

Shipping Your vehicle is simple

When done right, the process is easy and doesn’t cause any stress. Rates are low and competitive. The process is quick and easy to follow.

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